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Poorly treated fractures that have not healed in a good position can lead to physical disability
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Ending the cycle of poverty and disability


One sunny morning Chico a chickling is chattering with its fellow birdies.The chubby conversation was about his missing leg. Some claim it to be an act of karma or curse, and some say it's ill fate, as grew the debate, intervened our vice owl 'Gyan' chuckling. Gayn enlightened birdies neither is it his fault nor an effect of karma
Unfortunately, this is also true about the human bird where many tend to look at disability as a curse or a result of bad luck, but that is not true, disabilities are required because of vulnerability, malnutrition, lack of access to health services, and other factors. In fact, disability is mostly a cause and consequence of poverty as people with disabilities are among the poorest in the world disability and poverty together create a vicious cycle. Communities living in poverty have more incidents of disabilities and those with disabilities stay trapped in poverty because they do not get healthcare and other opportunities or entitlements available to non-disabled people.
Stats state that 26.8 million people are with disabilities in India. 1.4 million children are disabled and out of reach of education, 7.8 million unemployed youth are among the disabled. 12 million people have blindness in India of which 80% is preventable, but this cycle can be broken by creating an inclusive society.
CBM works towards this goal by empowering people with disabilities to organise for their rights. Together we ensure that development schemes on health, education, employment and participation include people with disabilities. Come, break the cycle of disability and poverty and Join CBM to build an inclusive world

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Ending the cycle of poverty and disability

This short animation film explains the basic but often overlooked linkage between poverty and disability.


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