Shishir Kumar Chaudhary is a founder member and Director of Naman Seva Samiti

“I have been in this sector for 20 years and have worked with a number of NGOs. However, I must say that CBM India exhibits great values, principles and culture. Like NABARD’s holds amongst government organisations, CBM India’s contribution in development work has been legendary. CBM India’s work for the upliftment of persons with disabilities stands out. I have personally been associated with them and found the livelihood work and the work philosophy of program management commendable. The team of CBM believes in promoting grassroots people and bringing them to forefront. It goes without saying that CBM makes unique efforts to ensure that even the last person is empowered and everyone living in backyards become the face of the work.”Shishir Kumar Chaudhary

Naman Sewa Samiti is an organisation based out of Madhya Pradesh, India working on Sustainable Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities among most marginalised communities in India.