Wandalin Char is a 34 years old teacher at a school in Bethany Society, Shillong, an institute for children with and without disabilities. She is an enthusiastic person and exudes geniality. Favorite among children, especially junior ones, she explains to our team how much she loves her work. “This was my first job after I completed my graduation in education. I joined and never left, it has been over a decade now”.
Her 4-year-old daughter loves hearing stories from her mother’s school and “literally” knows every student of the class, “She always inquires about children with issues and is concerned about their progress, this school has indeed made me and my family understand what inclusiveness actually is”.
Ms. Char is extremely involved and personally tracks the progress of her students. Almost 60 percent of her class constitutes of children with various disabilities including locomotor disabilities, autism, visual impairments, hearing impairments and learning impairments.
Reminiscing one of the happiest moments she experienced this year, she recalls,” The first time I took students of 3rd standard to the inclusive park a wheelchair-bound girl got so excited that she jumped out of her wheelchair taking almost two steps, we were all so surprised and happy”. She emphasizes how CBM supported inclusive park serves as a motivational factor and also teaches students to be inclusive, “Various children with visual impairment are often seen supporting children with mobility issues and vice versa“.

CBM has been supporting Bethany Society since early 2000.