Bringing holistic development to children with disabilities remotely during Covid-19
Over the past few weeks, therapists from our partner Anbagam located in Madurai, have been working remotely via video call and WhatsApp to create awareness amongst families on how to ensure nutrition, hygiene, and the general wellbeing of children with disabilities. From advising families on basic exercises for the children to reduce the risk of obesity during this time to ensuring the involvement of other family members with respect to caring for the child, apart from mothers and grandmothers. The efforts, so far have had a good response and we at CBM will be soon sharing a monitoring tool with our partner Anbagam to help keep track of the progress being made.
Therapists have also been able to help children continue with academic activities at home as well as offer ideas for recreation to alleviate boredom. Daily meetings on Zoom, mean that therapists are able to evaluate progress and share their learnings from the day to improve the process.
Post the lock down, Anbagam will be manufacturing masks under the guidance of medical professionals to distribute at a subsidized cost amongst schools within the district that cater to children with special needs. Until then, there is potential to generate value remotely using simple digital tools like video call, WhatsApp and email. After all, in the age of technology that we are living in- one is never too far away to make a difference.