Mafri Gayen is 35 years old and lives in a tiny house with her husband and 8 children in Mandir Bazar Block, South 24 Paraganas, Sundarban. Mafri and her husband are persons with visual impairment. Mafri’s husband is a street hawker and the sole earner of their family.
When the nationwide lockdown was announced in India, Mafri’s family lost their only source of income. The resources at home started diminishing. Eventually, the family could barely eat one meal a day. Lost and distressed Mafri and her husband started losing hope which was very unlike their character. Their friends and family knew them as tremendously strong and courageous people who despite the restrictions of disability built a life for themselves. Fortunately, CBM’s partner SSDC got to know about this family and provided them with a ration kit which included rice, pulses, soap and other essentials.
Mafri Gayen is very thankful for the support and had tears in eyes while wishing our team well. She explained how happy she was that there were people out there who cared for them.