Ramesh Moyra is a young man of 25 years living in the village of Sultanpur with his mother in a tiny house. His father was a wood-cutter who expired 4 years ago. Ramesh’s family has been struggling with poverty for a very long time. Ramesh has polio and aspires to set up a poultry farm along with rearing cows to enhance his income in the future. For now, they have one cow which the mother and son rear for milk. He receives economic support from the government amounting to Rs 1,000 a month under the Manobik Pension Scheme. The pension and their meager earnings through the sale of milk are their sources of income. Post the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown Ramesh’s life has been in shambles. “Being a hopeful and positive person it was very unlike him to be so disturbed”, recalls his mother. He always believed in a better future but somehow, this time, his hopes were diminishing. It was then that CBM’s partner organization reached him and offered help in the form of food, sanitation kits and general support.
Ramesh is now doing better and has started utilizing this time to plan better his future endeavors.
Many others like Ramesh are among the most vulnerable in our society. Economic prospects of this huge section of our populace are at stake and CBM is working relentlessly by providing support and reaching out to them