Working with and enabling partner organisations is central to CBM’s vision to develop appropriate, high quality and sustainable programmes and services. We are committed to working through local structures wherever possible in order to unite efforts, promote ownership, ensure cultural sensitivity and build shared responsibility. Our partners may be government, national or local providers, international organizations working at local level or Disabled People’s Organisations. We work with organizations of all faiths and none – as long as they are committed to seeking out the voices of people with disabilities as key decision makers in their own development. CBM India plays a key role in handholding partner organizations on areas of disability inclusion and development. In our partnership model the expertise of both CBM and local organisations is complementary.

Our programme standards are:

• Justice, equality, and inclusion of all people with disabilities
• Partnerships with Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) to promote the voice, choice, and autonomy of people with disabilities in all areas of our work
• Measures which ensure non-discrimination in line with a right-based approach across all our programmes
• Measures to ensure equality for girls, boys, women and men across all areas of our programming
• Standards that promote accessibility and universal design principles