• Wenderby’s Liberation!

    Wenderby studies in class 3rd at CBM supported Bethany Society and has Locomotor disability. He is one of the best students in class and is also jokingly referred as teacher’s favourite by his class fellows. He speaks in fluent English and tells us he “loves” CBM supported inclusive playground in his school. His teacher told […]

  • Making of a “Little Hero”

    Rudolf is a six year old student at an inclusive school under Bethany Society, and studies in the 1st standard. He is a child with partial visual impairment and was unable to cope in other schools. He loves his school and stays in the boarding facility with other students. His teachers lovingly call him “An […]

  • Marker Kato’s colorful life.

    Marker Kato, is a 22 years old student of CBM supported Ferrando Speech and Hearing Centre and lives with hearing impairment. He hails from Arunachal Pradesh and this year completed his senior secondary exams. He loves colors and has painted various wall murals. He is keen on improving his English skills and enjoys writing short […]

  • Vishnu, enjoying at the therapy center.

    Vishnu’s big Win

    “I am fine!” says Vishnu with confidence in fluent English. Vishnu started coming to the therapy center last year and since then his teachers and parents have witnessed significant improvement in his health. “Initially, He could not even sit but now he has started standing too!” exclaims his mother. Over the year through the use […]

  • Rosina’s story: Sun shines through

    Breaking the barriers In the spring of 1999, Rosina joined the School and Centre for Hearing Handicapped Children (SCHC) in Laitumkhrah, Shillong. After joining the centre, she found what she loved most, a vibrant surrounding and lots of friends. After a hiatus of three years, since she dropped out from her school, Rosina started reconnecting […]