In order to control the COVID-19 Pandemic, the authorities in India enforced a 21-day lock-down starting from March 25th. It was a much-needed step but came with its own ramifications.
Cities like Delhi are home to a large number of the migrant population hailing mostly from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar who work as daily wagers. These migrant workers play a crucial role and contribute significantly to the city’s economy. Since the lock-down was enforced with immediate effect all  factory and construction work came to a halt leaving these workers homeless and unemployed overnight.
As all interstate public transport has been stopped for the duration of this lock-down these migrant workers are undertaking massively long journeys back to their villages on foot.  The police are helping our team by creating barricades and informing the people about the help available en-route. CBM team is providing these workers with water, food packets and juice cans. It is unfortunate to witness children as young as 1 year are also among the affected. Across various locations which include Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Sundarbans, Kochi, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam and Mathura CBM is supporting the vulnerable class with dry ration packets, cooked meals and sanitation kits etc.