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Upendra got back his vision!

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Upendra undergoing an eye test after surgery
Mr. Upendra Chhura and his wife Mulabati are living in the Kumda village of Titlagarh block in Bolangir district. They do not have children and have no relatives to take care of them. Upendra is now 70 years of age, and he is a person with physical disability, as he lost his left leg in a train accident 20 years ago. He also lost his vision due to cataract over a period of time. 

Due to his disabilities he was unable to earn a living to meet the day to day needs. His daily activities also were restricted due to his disabilities. He was very much dependent on his wife for even his daily routines.

To eke out a living became an uphill task for the couple. Both husband and wife lived on a paltry sum received as old age pension and were BPL (Below Poverty Line) card holders that fetch some benefits from the government. Some philanthropy organization has provided him with an artificial limb, but his visual impairment was not allowing him to do much.

Mr. Upendra was screened and diagnosed of cataract in both eyes in a community outreach eye camp organised by CBM Project at Kumda village. His left eye was operated first, followed by right eye after 45 days and his vision improved. 

Today Mr. Upendra is jubilant that his vision is restored and that he can see!  He is thankful to CBM for their constant counseling and efforts to restore his vision. Today he can carry out his activities independently.

Now we earn more than what we use to

Ms. Mulabati said “Earlier my husband couldn't do anything without my support.  I was always worried about how he would take care of himself in my absence, but after his eye surgery he become independent and is also supporting me in collecting firewood. Now we earn more than what we use to”.


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