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Around 1 in 7 of the world’s population, or 1 billion people experience disability. They are the world’s largest minority. (UN)
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Talents to Tap in Children with Disabilities

Teachers seated in a circle conduct educational activities for children resting on their laps
© Anbagam Educational Resource Hub for Persons with Disabilities
Anbagam builds the confidence and self-reliance of children with intellectual disabilities through play therapy in classrooms.

Students with intellectual disabilities from CBM's long-standing partner, Anbagam Educational Resource Hub for Persons with Disabilities, are spreading their wings with the help of special education and physio, occupational and speech therapies.

My Class
Wordless wishes adorn my mornings
With some awe-eyed, some others silent
Some running actively, some others resting!
They play on grounds like flying birds
They move and run with energy
Play with hands and become friendly
At times, they become one like me!
'My Class' is an excerpt from a series of poems written by students with intellectual disabilities. It describes how the poet explains her class, classmates and her place among them. Students of Anbagam Educational Resource Hub for Persons with Disabilities, they are supported by CBM in receiving quality education. The poems are Tamil phrases clubbed together and translated to English. They talk about a wide variety of topics such as overcoming barriers, mothers, life, school and human nature. 

Anbagam in Tamil means ‘home of love’. CBM partnered with the organization in 1971, a year after its formation. Through play therapy in classrooms, Anbagam builds the confidence and self-reliance of children with intellectual disabilities, enabling them to become active members of their communities. For over three decades, CBM enabled Anbagam to develop its expertise in providing residential education by helping provide physio, occupational and speech therapies, sensory integration, inclusive curriculum, teacher training on special education and infrastructural support. Successively, the school today serves over 200 children with intellectual disabilities through early intervention and quality education. Furthermore, with the support of CBM, many of Anbagam’s students have gone on to participate in sports competitions at regional, national and global levels. In fact, two students are participating in the 2019 World Para Athletic Championships that is to be held in Dubai next year.   
In addition to keeping the staff of Anbagam abreast of latest teaching materials and methodologies, CBM also supported Anbagam in developing India’s first Bachelor of Education course on special education. Through the graduates of the program, CBM and Anbagam continues to reach out to more number of children with disabilities from around the country and transform their educational lives for the better. 

The poem showcases the talents that could be developed in children with intellectual disabilities. CBM is proud of each of our students, their determination to be a part of the mainstream society, and the volume of change we have been able to make in their lives. We look forward to reaching more number of children with disabilities through our projects on inclusive and quality education and teacher training and the development of accessible curriculum and educational materials. 

Join us in making quality education a reality for children with disabilities from 9 states in India. Donate here!


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