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Cataract surgery and correction of refractive errors are among the most cost-effective health interventions (WHO)
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Students with Disabilities Graduate High School!

Child with hearing impairment in his classroom

With the support of CBM, over 200 students with hearing, visual and locomotive impairments from five states appeared for the class 10 and 12 board exams in 2018.

During the 2017-18 academic year, CBM supported the education of over 12,000 persons with disabilities from nine states in India. Among them, over 200 students with hearing, visual and locomotive impairments from five states appeared for the class 10 and 12 board exams. It is with pride that we announce that all of our students, with a few exceptions, passed the exams with admirable grades. Furthermore, nine of our graduates with intellectual disabilities, who were mainstreamed into regular schools in Tamil Nadu, also attended the class 10 board exams in 2018. 8 out of the 9 students graduated class 10 with high marks. 

“We used study materials in braille and appeared in the exams with the help of a writer. I am extremely happy with the results, but it was made possible only with encouragement from my school teachers and parents,” mentioned Yaswant, one of our ex-students from West Bengal, during an interview with the newspaper The Statesman.

Poverty is the cause and consequence of disability. Reduced access to housing, sanitation, nutrition and healthcare are recurrent causes of disabilities. A person with disability receives reduced access to education, healthcare, livelihood and community support, which further pushes them into poverty. What CBM does is break this brutal cycle. By enabling affordable healthcare, quality education and viable livelihood to persons with disabilities, CBM brings them out of poverty where they are capable of building a safer future for themselves and the generations to come.  

Education has an undeniable role in breaking the disability-poverty cycle. Quality education leads to better health, social connections, knowledge, skills and economic growth. CBM promotes not just education for children with disabilities, but inclusive education where children with disabilities get to learn alongside children without disabilities. To enable this, CBM advocates at national and regional levels towards inclusive education, trains teachers on promoting inclusion within classrooms, and provides educational equipment and vocational trainings for students with disabilities. 

We are extremely proud of all children with disabilities who have been a part of our projects, who fought through their struggles and brought home success with flying colours. They prove to us that disabilities of any form are not obstacles towards having a fruitful life. CBM will continue to strive towards establishing inclusive schools where children with disabilities receive the same quality education as children without disabilities, so they overcome poverty and build a healthier future.

Thumbnail for video "Winning combination of cricket and inclusion" Thumbnail for video "Winning combination of cricket and inclusion"

Winning combination of cricket and inclusion

Message by India’s T20 Blind Cricket Team on celebrating CBM India’s winning combination of cricket and inclusion.

Thumbnail for video "Why Vidya must go to school" Thumbnail for video "Why Vidya must go to school"

Why Vidya must go to school

We all feel very strongly about the need of education for enabling children to find opportunities and addressing development challenges of the country


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