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Strong call for inclusive DRR expected at AMCDRR

Asian ministerial conference on disaster risk reduction
A large number of regional and global participants representing governments, civil society, and other stakeholders will come together during the Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2016 (AMCDRR2016) that will adopt the Asian Regional Plan for Implementation of the Sendai Framework.

The event taking place from November 2nd and 5th in New Delhi will provide a number of opportunities to influence the regional plan for implementation, the political declaration and stakeholder statements from disability inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).

Making inclusion a centrepiece

The conference is likely to resonate with a call of ‘leave no one behind’ to ensure that inclusion is made the centrepiece of all the discussion and eventually the regional plan. 

The disability stakeholder group, including CBM, is calling on all the stakeholders to uphold commitments for the joint action for the implementation of the Sendai Framework for DRR (SFDRR) and the Asia Regional Plan towards an inclusive, people-centred and whole of society approach to resilience building. 

Through a joint action statement on disability, the stakeholder group has raised a concern that after the first year of the SFDRR ‘the progress towards transforming commitments to an inclusive and all-of-society approach to DRR into action has been hesitant at best’. 

“While there are notable initiatives towards strengthened collaboration between the governments and DPOs to implement inclusive DRR in the region, the existing systems at local, national and regional levels still need to ensure the meaningful participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities in decision-making processes within DRR,” the statement adds. Read the stakeholder action statement.

The Disability-inclusive DRR Network (DiDRRN), of which CBM is a founding member, is organizing a pre-event ahead of the conference and a thematic session.

We will be sharing updates on social media from the conference by following these hashtags: #Inclusive #DRR #AMCDRR2016 #DRR #switch2sendai #disability #didrr

About 7th AMCDRR

The AMCDRR serves as a forum for stakeholders to take a shared responsibility and make actionable commitments towards implementation of DRR in the Asia region through the exchange of experiences on successful practices and innovative approaches to reducing and managing disaster risk. So far, countries in Asia in collaboration with UNISDR, have organized six AMCDRR conferences.

The expected outcomes of the conference are:
  • A political declaration – consolidating the political commitment of governments towards preventing and reducing risk as well as strengthening resilience by accelerating implementation and monitoring of the Sendai Framework in the region.
  • ‘Asian Regional Plan for Implementation of the Sendai Framework’ – a plan endorsed by the countries for the Asian region.
  • Stakeholder action statements – voluntary statements of action of stakeholder groups towards a ‘shared responsibility’ approach in the implementation of the Sendai Framework.
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