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Children with disability are 1.7 times more at risk of violence including neglect, abandonment, abuse and sexual exploitation in comparison with other children (WBU).

After a great struggle, now Sameena goes to School

girl leaving to school
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Grandmother and mother waving goodbye, as Sameena leaves for school

Sameena is a 12 year old, studying in the fourth standard in the Government Urdu Medium School, Doddaballapur Taluk. Sameena’s family has had years of struggle and challenge. Through CBM’s intervention, Sameena and her family have new hope in life.

Health condition

Sameena is a girl with cerebral palsy, who has scoliosis, and underdeveloped upper extremities. Till the age of three, Sameena was bedridden, and her family tried various treatments in different cities to find solutions for the health issues, but there was not much hope. She had contracture in both hands that restricted the movements and was too weak to hold any thing. She had difficulties in sitting for a long time due to scoliosis as well.

CBM India Intervention

Sameena was identified at a village in Doddaballapur taluk during a field study conducted by CBM India partners. Sameena was bedridden, and the family lost hope in her development. Based on the assessment, rehabilitation therapists prepared a unique individual growth and development plan. Sameena’s rehabilitation programme constituted various components such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, activities of daily living skills (ADLS) and education.

Sammena’s grandmother was extremely supportive, and she actively practiced the exercises instructed by the therapist. She also played a key role in influencing the rest of the family members and restored confidence in Sameena’s cause. Due to therapist intervention and Sameena’s courage, she demonstrated great improvement. She started using her legs in place of her hands as  both her hands are weak. She trained her legs to brush her teeth, comb her hair and do most of her work including writing.

Focusing on abilities

Now after five years, Sameena can speak and walk. Sameena's development encouraged the family to enroll her in school. Sameena, who was bedridden,  can now take care of herself and go to school. Sameena’s interest to learn and to live an independent life led her parents to focus on her abilities. This transition has brought in change in the attitude of the family members and people associated with her.


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