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Regain the hope - The Story of Tippeswamy!

Tippeswamy sitting next to he candels he made
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Now Tippeswamy (person in the center) creating employment opportunities for others.

Tippeswamy is a successful horticulture contractor and candle maker, creating employment opportunities for others. His life was not the same a few years ago.

Life was full of challenges

Tippeswamy, 46, lives with his wife and two children. His elder daughter has born with multiple disabilities. Tippeswamy used to work as contract labour in Government horticulture department in Bangalore. Due to some toxic reaction in the field, Tippeswamy lost his right leg. As he was the only breadwinner, the family had no source  to address even basic needs. Day-by-day the family was pushed deeper and deeper into financial crisis. He was extremely depressed, resulting in suicidal tendencies. He had no clue how to sustain this family.

Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) a cradle of hope

Tippeswamy was identified by CBM project staff in the year 2010. Community facilitators motivated Tippeswamy to attend the local Disabled People’s organisation (DPO) meetings facilitated by the CBR project in his village. After attending a few meetings, he found the group to be a place for mutual sharing and understanding. His hopes and confidence rose after interacting with the members who were also facing challenging situations as he was...

Within a few months, he was provided with an artificial limb to regain his mobility. He burst out into tears of joy as he stood up straight again. Meanwhile, through the livelihood programme, Tippeswamy was trained in candle making and a small grant was sanctioned as a capital investment. As requested, Tippeswamy’s daughter was also trained in candle making. Alongside, recognising his knowledge and skills in the field of the horticulture, the community workers persuaded him to help SHG families to set up kitchen gardens. He is teaching people around him how to grow their own vegetables.

Evolution as an entrepreneur

With support of the CBM Project team and local members; he took up garden maintenance contracts from nearby companies. He was successful and started signing long-term contracts with them. He also continues to make candles and everyone in the family pitches in to support. He sells his candles to SHG members, retail stores and hotels on a regular basis. Tippeswamy improved his business with an additional loan from the Cooperative society.
Now Tippeswamy is a successful horticulture contractor, consultant and candle maker. Today he is creating employment opportunities for others. 
“Today my confidence level has gone up. I’m so motivated, and this is because I joined the Self Help Group. I am glad that not only has my life changed through this project, but I am also able to help 4 other families by employing them under me.” 

- Tippeswamy


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