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Quality Healthcare Transforming Young Lives

Sreelakshmi smiles for the camera as she rests her head on her mother's shoulder
Sreelakshmi, wearing her heavy specs, rests her head on her mother's shoulder

Sreelakshmi is one of the many children in the state of Kerala who received prompt healthcare with the support of CBM and our partner hospitals. Through many similar partnerships and training of healthcare professionals, CBM aims to continue to touch the lives of children and enable them to have a safe and bright future.

Sreelakshmi from Kerala was born with bilateral cataracts and was nearly blind. “Soon after delivery, I realized that something is not right with my daughter’s eyes,” remembers her mother. Being a courier driver, it was quite hard for her father to gather enough money for an eye screening for his daughter. Nevertheless, he managed to pay for the treatment. “I’d heard that the Little Flower Hospital is the best clinic around for cataract surgeries and I wanted the best for my little girl,” says her father. 

The hospital, around 90 kms away from Sreelakshmi’s hometown, has been supported by CBM since 1977. CBM provided support in the construction of buildings, availing of equipment, and the training of professionals. Today the hospital is a pioneer in conducting community eye screening in the state.  The screenings are conducted through mobile eye camps and school screening programmes and around 60% of the cataract surgeries are done free of cost.  

At the hospital, Sreelakshmi had both of her cataract lenses removed. She needed to wear thick and heavy glasses until she turned two and could get artificial lenses. Today she is able to see as clearly as other children and receive quality education. 

With mobile eye screening camps, bilateral cataracts are diagnosed early on. As a result, many of the children who are born with bilateral cataracts receive the required treatment at the right time. CBM is proud to have been a significant part in bringing such a positive change and helping transform young lives for the better.


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