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In 2013, 1,003,703 assistive devices were distributed including 795,835 spectacles; 28,918 low vision devices, 21,427 hearing aids, 115,691 orthopaedic appliances and 41,832 other devices.

Pride in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Muthurekha standing at a terrace, looking at the camera
Muthurekha is one of the many persons with cerebral palsy who came to us as children and now see themselves as active participants in the society.

CBM works with partners to ensure that children with disabilities receive quality healthcare and education as children without disabilities. In 2017, CBM reached more than 1900 persons with intellectual disabilities through quality education.

Muthurekha was 5 years old when she joined the Spastics Society of Tiruchirappalli (SST), one of the partner organizations of CBM. Having Ataxic Cerebral Palsy - the least common type of cerebral palsy - Muthurekha’s muscle movements often appear disorganized, clumsy, or jerky. People with this form of cerebral palsy typically have problems with balance and coordination. They may have difficulty walking and performing fine motor functions such as writing and grasping objects.
When Muthurekha joined the SST, she faced difficulty in balancing and coordination and needed to hold on to objects while walking. She had difficulty in speaking and her hands constantly trembled. It was impossible for Muthurekha to do any of her daily activities like bathing, brushing or eating without the support of another person. SST provided her with immune and speech therapies, training on daily living skills, and special education which brought significant developments.
SST gave her the willpower and motivation to not only complete her school education but also bachelors and master’s degrees in Computer Science. Even then Muthurekha did not stop her education. She is currently a Master’s in Philosophy student doing a 6-months-long project on satellite image processing alongside. She is preparing to present her project work at national and international conferences and dreams of becoming a Doctor of Philosophy. In an effort to appreciate her diligence and achievements, the Spastics Society of India recently awarded her with an Excellence in Academics award.
CBM, along with our partner Spastics Society of Tiruchirappalli, aims at helping children with cerebral palsy to have equal participation in mainstream society. Muthurekha is only one of the many students who have been a part of the project and moved on to join mainstream schools, receive quality and inclusive education, and live a life of dignity and well-being. We are proud of every child with cerebral palsy who has come to us and found the determination to be active participants in the mainstream society.
Do you know someone with cerebral palsy? Read how you can help them here 


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