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Visual impairment prevalence has been reduced from 314 million people in 2004 to 285.3 million in 2010 - From The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), 2010
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If Krishna takes a day off we need two people to do his job

Krishna arranging the matchbox for packing
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K. Krishna, (age 25 years) works in the packing division

Krishna’s day at work starts at 9.30 am. His work at the matchbox unit involves neatly packaging the match boxes in a big unit which then goes for final packaging. Ms. Bhubaneshwari is overwhelmed by Krishna's commitment towards his job.

K. Krishna, (age 25 years) works in the packing division at a matchbox factory in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India. He was a person with cerebral palsy. His parents saw him inactive even when he was three months old. They sought medical assistance, but doctors could not diagnose why he was not like other infants. His parents continued to try and figure out what was wrong with their son.

At four years of age he was diagnosed as a cerebral palsy child by CBM Partner Spastic Society of Trichy; till then he was bed-ridden at home. From 1991-2005, Krishan studied at Spastic Society and underwent physiotherapy, speech therapy, formal education and life skills training. 

“He learned to read and write and do basic arithmetic,” said his mother K. Srimati.
After his education at the CBM project, the staff started to look for a livelihood opportunity for him. Cauvery Match Industries at Srirangam, Trichy agreed to provide a job opportunity for Krishna. 

In the beginning, the proprietors found it difficult to accommodate Krishna. Every day they had to identify work that he could do. They brought in new work in the production cycle, pre-packing. A stage in which all matchboxes were collected from the workers and organised for final packing. Earlier this work was handled by individual labour which was involved in matchbox making. They assigned this task to Krishna, assuming that even if he took a few days off the production would not get affected. Down the line, Krishna took on a substantial workload from the production team. The team productivity increased.

“Krishna turned the work we identified to accommodate him, into an inevitable process in the production cycle. If he takes a day off, I have to find two people to take care of his job,” said Ms S. Bhubaneshwari, Proprietor, Cauvery Match Industries.


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