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80% of all visual impairment can be avoided or cured (WHO 2011)
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For the smiles we have brought about!

Children with visual and hearing impairments talk among themselves
CBM reaches persons with disabilities through affordable healthcare, quality education and viable livelihood.

It has been over 50 years since CBM first initiated our projects in India. Transforming the lives of millions with disabilities would not have been possible if it was not for the support of our partners, government and public. CBM thanks everyone for their continued confidence in our works.

Oct 05, 2018: As we celebrate Smile Day today, we would like to thank each and every one of our supporters who have helped us bring smiles in the lives of millions of persons with disabilities, living in poverty across India, over the last 50 years.

CBM began our journey in India in 1967 with projects on education and rehabilitation for persons with disabilities, later followed by projects on eye care, vocational training and livelihood. Through the 50 years that followed, CBM worked with hundreds of partners across the country to reduce avoidable impairments, provide quality education to children with disabilities, and empower persons with disabilities to exercise their rights and contribute to inclusive, resilient and equitable communities. From 2008 onwards, CBM has touched the lives of over 34 million persons with disabilities, trained 99,016 professionals on inclusive healthcare, helped 105,262 persons receive quality education and made viable livelihood a reality for 176,923 persons with disabilities.

Such success would not have been possible without the supports from many individuals and governmental and non-governmental organizations. In 2017-18, 28 hospitals, 13 educational institutes and over 450 Disabled People’s Organizations partnered with CBM to improve their works and reach out to the maximum number of people possible. The governments of Karnataka, Meghalaya and Tamil Nadu designated CBM to conduct accessibility audits for 92 government buildings in the three states so as to make them equally accessible for persons with and without disabilities. CBM also received support from the Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany in ensuring quality eye-screening, skilling of youths, and providing physio and occupational therapies to children with motor disabilities. The Hans Foundation joined hands with CBM in implementing livelihood projects for persons with disabilities in Uttarakhand. Moreover, Australian Aid, CRISIL Foundation and ONGC supported us in building inclusive playgrounds, enhancing the livelihoods of women with intellectual disabilities and setting up inclusive computer labs. We are also launching two web portals connecting persons with intellectual disabilities across India. 

The supports we have received and continue to receive make transformational changes across the country at grassroots and policy levels. CBM wholeheartedly thank all who has been a part of our journey, for helping us put smiles on the lives of millions of persons with disabilities and their families and communities!

Thumbnail for video "Winning combination of cricket and inclusion" Thumbnail for video "Winning combination of cricket and inclusion"

Winning combination of cricket and inclusion

Message by India’s T20 Blind Cricket Team on celebrating CBM India’s winning combination of cricket and inclusion.

Thumbnail for video "Why Vidya must go to school" Thumbnail for video "Why Vidya must go to school"

Why Vidya must go to school

We all feel very strongly about the need of education for enabling children to find opportunities and addressing development challenges of the country


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