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Cerebral palsy is more common in low income countries due to lack of access to maternal healthcare
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Early Intervention and CBR Center for Students

Staff members from CBM India and partner hospital and government school during the inauguration meeting of the center

Staff from CBM India and partner during the inaugural meeting of the Early Intervention and Community Based Resource Center at the government school in Mugalur.

Committed to bringing transformative changes in the lives of people with disabilities, CBM supports the establishment of Early Intervention and Community Based Resource Centers in schools to identify children with disabilities at the earliest stage possible and provide them with developmental and rehabilitative services. Partnering with St. John’s Medial College, CBM recently established an Early Intervention Center in one of the government schools in Mugalur, a village in the outskirts of Bengaluru.

It is very uncommon for a child with disability to receive quality education from a mainstream school, particularly because of the lack of accessible infrastructures and sensitized school staff. Believing that everyone has something valuable to bring to the table, CBM has adapted various ways to make it possible for children with disabilities to attend schools along with children without disabilities.

One of such ways is the establishment of Early Intervention Centers. The center in Mugalur is furnished with equipment and toys that help with the overall development of children with multiple disabilities. Children will be provided with occupational, physio, speech and mirror therapies to improve their motor, self-help, and language skills. The center will also provide training for teachers to sensitize them on issues related to disabilities and enable them to accommodate children with and without disabilities in the same classroom. 

Ensuring that children with disabilities receive quality education is the most effective way to guarantee their safe future with inspiring livelihood opportunities, a way out of poverty, and the well-being of all the generations to come.  

Thumbnail for video "Winning combination of cricket and inclusion" Thumbnail for video "Winning combination of cricket and inclusion"

Winning combination of cricket and inclusion

Message by India’s T20 Blind Cricket Team on celebrating CBM India’s winning combination of cricket and inclusion.

Thumbnail for video "Why Vidya must go to school" Thumbnail for video "Why Vidya must go to school"

Why Vidya must go to school

We all feel very strongly about the need of education for enabling children to find opportunities and addressing development challenges of the country


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