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20 million women are disabled as a consequence of pregnancy and childbirth every year (UN)
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Action Group on people with disabilities

UN action group on people with disabilities
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From left to right: Ms.Prashanti Mikayla, Ms. Fairlene Soji, Ms. Mercy Kappen, Dr. Sara Varughese, Ms. Anjali Agrawal, Dr. Uma Kanagala, Mr. Rabindran Shelley, Ms Bridgetta Prema, Ms. Poonam Natarajan, Ms. Malika Basu and Ms. Nagarathna S

CBM, in partnership with UN Solution Exchange formed an action group on people with disabilities with special focus on children, young girls, adolescents and women. On December 16, 2013 CBM hosted the first meeting of the action group at Bangalore, to review progress.

UN Solution Exchange (UNSE)

Solution Exchange is a remarkable initiative by the United Nations in India which was launched in 2005.  It provides an impartial platform for exchange of knowledge and ideas among 33,000 (and growing!) Development practitioners across 13 thematic areas (Communities of Practice - CoPs).

The collaborative partnership between the Gender Community of Practice (GEN CoP)-UNSE and CBM is to contribute towards creating a body of knowledge that can further facilitate/feed into the ongoing work in the country to address the concerns and situations of Persons with disabilities, particularly young girls and women.

The objectives

The primary objectives of the Action Group are:
  • To add to the existing research/knowledge base on persons with disabilities within the rights based inclusion and empowerment framework;
  • By reviewing some of the key programmes/policies of the government, highlight the status of persons with disabilities in sectors such as Health, Livelihoods, Education, etc.
The secondary objective is to disseminate the findings or recommendations of the Action Group with various concerned agencies and feed into existing advocacy/campaigns.


  1. Develop a comparative State Matrix, of projects and schemes for persons with disabilities offered by central/state governments and indicate the number of beneficiaries in terms of young girls and women with disabilities against each of these schemes/projects.
  2. Develop briefs on five-six key flagship programs of the government by reviewing the status of young girls and women with disabilities including their participation, decision making and their right to entitlements vis-a-vis these programs.
  3. Document 15to20 case studies based on a life cycle approach (there will also be a mapping done against existing government programs to understand at which stages of their lives, persons with disabilities could benefit from any such program and how).
  4. Organize a consultative seminar to share findings of the Action Group
  5. Publish final report document with key recommendations for dissemination and advocacy purposes.

Upcoming events

On February 12, 2014, CBM and GEN COP-UNSE Action Group will conduct a National Level Consultation in New Delhi to share its findings.  A publication on the same, including the report on the consultation will be released in the second quarter of 2014.
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We all feel very strongly about the need of education for enabling children to find opportunities and addressing development challenges of the country


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